Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brittaney--Cy Twombli

Hello all, this is my first blog of sorts; so please, forgive my clumsiness if there happens to be any...
Cy Twombly is the painter who created the above piece, "Wilder Shores of Love"; he painted it in 1985. According to Tate Modern website, Twombly has consistently drawn inspiration from seasons, nature, and the passing of time. Another site posed that this piece was inspired by Lesley Blanch’s book Wilder Shores of Love. Regarding Twombly's style, I am particularly fond of his mark making and the rawness of his strokes. I think a sort of honesty can be perceived from how he layers and paints, seemingly without inhibition; it all feels very genuine to me and not contrived--I love this and strive for it in my own pieces. From what I've seen of Twombly, my favorite piece is "Apollo the artist" (and I can't seem to add it.)

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