Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Physical Impossibility in the Mind of Someone Living

-steel, glass, shark, formaldehyde
This is a well known piece by Damien Hirst, he actually has a rather extensive collection-diamond encrusted platinum skulls, huge sculptures, butterfly mosaics, as well as other animals suspended in formaldehyde. Most of his works use parts of (if not whole) once living beings. Some of his works brings back the question, 'is science art' or 'if a copied object created for display is art' and it seems this piece could be in a historical museum rather than an art museum but, the art world seems to like it enough to pay 50 000 pounds.

The current shark in the tank is actually a replacement, the first one kind of disentegrated... Supposedly the cost to replace the shark was inconsquential compared to the 4,360 gallons of formaldehyde that the sharke rests in.


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