Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kaori - Contemporary Art

( a page from the Lovejoy's website

Margot Lovejoy is an artist who creates websites, installations and books to explore the integration of the digital world and art. She is most famous for her two websites, the Parthenia ( and Turns (, and also for her article, Digital Currents. However, what makes her websites and installations "art" is not the appearance but rather the content. She uses technology and new media as a way to emphasize art's purpose as a means of communication. Her works seek to form a community with her audience and to directly engage the viewers. For the two websites, people submit their own life stories pertaining to the topics (domestic violence and a major turning point in one's life), while in an installation project, people wrote their stories into a book.

Lovejoy contrasts the many artists before her time by physically incorporating her audience. While art generally has an emotional pull on the viewer, Lovejoy uses current digital technologies to allow the viewers to actually become a part of her pieces. She also brings about new perspectives on art. Art thus transitions from a pictoral representation to a method that seeks to define an individual's part in society and the greater world.

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