Sunday, September 7, 2008

2-Hilary-La Promenade

Art to me is many things, but most of all, it is any form of expression, intentional or not, that can be captured by the mind of the viewer. For me, Claude Monet’s work has always been able to do that. Monet is a popular French impressionistic painter and is admired by many. Although he is very well-known, I have always enjoyed his paintings despite their familiarity to much of the public- they’re perhaps not the most striking all the time but I enjoy the subtle beauty of them all the same. I love the colors and textures in impressionistic painting, as well as the often softer subject matter. His typical works may not always be very controversial or challenging (though they certainly can be) but they evoke moods, thoughts, and inspiration in me. This painting, La Promenade, for example, is the first painting I replicated as a mural in high school. I choose it because its elegance of colors, its movement, and pastoral subjects evoke a feeling in me that expands beyond admiring the actual painting- it makes me reflect on my own life and stimulates my inner thoughts. Art to me is anything that one can take sensory information from- this painting, for some reason, has always struck a chord in me and allows me to appreciate it. I don't think art always has to do this, but my favorite pieces or works tend to leave an impression on me- even, and maybe especially- the uglier aspects of works. As the philosopher Nietzsche attests, the world is made up of all peoples' interpretations and own narratives, and everyone interprets everything differently, so I can only rely on my own judgment to define art, as all others must do. Thus, it is difficult for me to pin down exactly what I think makes something art, but I do know that any arrangement of some sensory item, whether that be paint or music or something else entirely, that speaks to me in some fashion is art, as this painting and painter do.

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brownfoundations said...

"Art to me is many things, but most of all, it is any form of expression, intentional or not, that can be captured by the mind of the viewer."
I very much love this first sentence as it is a very similar idea to my own that I love about the ability for anything to be art, let it lie beautiful and striking sensory emotions in the eye of the beholder. Although I am not personally fond of your piece, nor have I seen it before, I very much love how it is this potential for something to be art in one's eyes and canvas in anothers'.